Future Internet PPP Use Case Project

Future Internet PPP


Demo and Exhibit, Future Internet Assembly, Dublin, May 2013:


Exhibit, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 2013:


Single Sign On, Plenary Presentation, Hamburg, February 2013:


FI PPP Summary, December 2012:


Presentation for Japanese Business Delegation, November 2012:


Instant Mobility Stakeholder Workshop, October, 2012:


Best Paper Presentation, SRII Conference, Silicon Valley, July 2012:


FInest Conceptual Architecture, Future Internet Assembly, Aalborg, May 2012:


Smart Services for Sustainable Transport & Logistics, Future Internet Assembly, Aalborg, May 2012:


Invited Talk, University of Groningen, May 2012:


Presentation to French Shipper Organisation, March 2012:


Presentation to European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EUAPME), January 2012:


Invited Paper Presentation, ServiceWave Conference, Poznan, October 2011:


Summit of the Future Internet Presentation, Luxembourg, June 2011:

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