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A.E.V. (Articles of extraordinary Value)

Commodities identified as high value items.


"(law) An unconditional assent to an offer. (b) An assent to an offer conditioned on only minor changes that do not affect any material terms of the offer. (…) (shipping) Receipt by the consignee of a shipment thus terminating the common carrier liability. (banking) A time draft (bill of exchange) on the face of which the drawee has written "accepted" over his s... [show more]

Air Cargo

Any property (freight, mail, express) carried or to be carried in an aircraft. Does not include passenger baggage.

Air Express

A term often used to describe expedited handling of air freight service.

Air freight

"A service providing for the air transport of goods. The volume of air freight has been increasing significantly due to: 1. decreased shipping time, 2. greater inventory control for just-in-time manufacturing and stocking, 3. generally superior condition of goods upon arrival, and 4. for certain commodities, lower shipping costs" Hinke... [show more]

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