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The origin of each shipment is a sales or purchasing agreement between two parties. Generally these parties are called the shipper (seller) and consignee (receiver). Their agreement about exchanging goods against payments initiates the process of how the goods will be moved by whom, when and to which place under which conditions.

Figure: IBM and KN Secure Trade Lanes Project

The chart above is a simplified picture of the complex relations between all the parties who might be involved in a single commercial activity. Apart from shipper and customer, who actively participate in the initiation event, all other parties participate as service providers or sub contactors of service providers in the execution of the shipment. The roles of the service providers are not static in the process. A service provider may take on several roles as the shipment progresses through the supply chain. The transition between roles will depend on the capabilities of the service provider as well as the contracted services requested by the shipper.

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