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Freight Exchanges

Carriage of goods by trucks is a more spontaneous process than long haul freight across the ocean or through the air. Because of its spot market nature, a number of freight exchanges for trucking services have been implemented over the past decade. These systems provide a platform that allows carriers to communicate freight traffic information to fellow operators such as transporters, forwarders and logistics companies. They allow forwarders to advertise their freight requirements either privately or publicly to a large number of freight operators that are looking for loads. They also allow freight operators to offer vehicle space. These online systems are normally subscription-based with a small charge for advertising (posting) and searching (consulting).
Some examples of these types of exchanges are “CARGOTRANS”1, which is the leading online European Union freight and vehicle exchange based on e-mail. “Trans-Aktuell3000”2 and the “Frachtbörse” of “Gewerbezentrale Spedition und Logistik”3 are two German freight exchanges. These exchanges all share common characteristics of subscription services for posting capacity requirements, capacity availability, contract terms, service levels and contracting. In addition, services for grading performance are provided.


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