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In the logistics domain pallets are widely used. Most are custom made from different materials and wide range of sizes. The size of custom pallets refers mostly to the product which shall be moved with the pallets. They are made for moving, lifting and storing goods more efficiently than a single package would allow. [Vahrenkamp 2005, pp. 333-335]

Basically there are two types of pallets distinguished by the number sides you can approach it for handling: 2- way and 4- way pallets of which different types exist again.

Those should not be mixed up with so called “one-way” pallets which are made for single use. The most common standard pallet is the EURO Pool Pallet. This pallet type is standardized from the UIC, the global railway organisation.

It is 4-way pallet of length 1200mm x width 800mm x height 144mm. [Vahrenkamp 2005, pp. 333-335]

The Euro pallet does not fit properly in the ISO Container while it is working fine in trucks and railway wagons. The container dimensions are based on inches and the Euro pallet on the metric system. [Vahrenkamp 2005, pp. 333-335]

Pallets are mostly made from wood. There are also plastic and metal ones as well as some made of carton or mixed materials. [Vahrenkamp 2005, pp. 333-335]

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