Future Internet PPP Use Case Project

Future Internet PPP

Successful Final Review of the FInest Project

On Tuesday, June 4, the FInest team presented the final project results and outcomes during the year 2 project review in Brussels


FInest Demo and Presentation at the Future Internet Assembly in Dublin

From May 7-10, Bülent Erbas, Haluk Gökmen and Andreas Metzger were present at the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) in Dublin, where they presented the outcomes of the FInest project


FInest at the ITEA2 PO Preparation Days Event in Istanbul

Koç Sistem was sponsor of ITEA2 PO Preparation Days Event in Istanbul.
The FInest pop-up poster was shown in the project ideas exhibition area and FInest, SmartAgriFood and cSpace brochures have been distributed during the event.


Successful exhibition, demonstration and presentation of FInest results at Mobile World Congress 2013

As part of the Future Internet PPP Event at the Mobile World Congress 2013, FInest successfully exhibited the project outcomes, as well as demonstrated and presented the results to interested stakeholders.


FInest showcasing transport and logistics platform at CelticPlus Event (March 6-7, 2013 – Kayseri, Turkey)

FInest will be present with a booth at the CelticPlus exhibition and event to showcase the project's solutions for a transport and logistics collaboration platform.


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