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INTTRA is a sea freight management system. It was established to provide major shippers with their own shipping line/carrier contracts an opportunity to engage in sea freight coordination services and to obtain access to highly configurable customer information solutions for sea freight visibility, monitoring, reporting and network management. The INTTRA marketplace allows shippers to book space online against carrier contracts that they have established with participating steamship companies. This capability provides the shippers with more accurate capacity consumption information and simplifies the booking process for shipping goods via container ship. The marketplace also assists steamship companies in managing their contracts with the shippers.

INTTRA provides the shipper with a portal into available capacity on ships leaving particular ports and sailing to desired destinations on particular dates. The shipper can reserve space on steamships via the portal and debit existing accounts that they have with the steamship companies. Steamship companies can also advertise open capacity on vessels to better manage their fleets (next figure).

Figure: Inttra chart - displaying the relationships and information flow in the system (Source: K├╝hne & Nagel)

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